Why Your CloudERP360 Account Wasn’t Approved

If you’ve tried signing up for CloudERP360 and got rejected, don’t worry! Let’s explore why this might have happened so you can fix it.

  1. Missing Info About Your Business:
    CloudERP360 wants to know all about your business. If you missed filling in some details during sign-up, that might be the reason for the rejection. Make sure you share everything about your business to make the process smooth.


  • Double-check before submitting to fill in all the required info.
  • Include important details like your business type, size, and location.
  1. Wrong Email or Phone Number:
    Having the right email and phone number is crucial. If you provided the wrong ones, your account might not get approved. CloudERP360 needs accurate contact info for communication and verification.


  • Make sure your email and phone number are correct and active.
  • Update them if there are any changes.
  1. Using Fake Information:
    CloudERP360 wants real users. If you used fake details during sign-up, your account could be rejected to keep the platform safe and genuine.


  • Always use your true and accurate information.
  • Avoid making up details to speed up the approval.

Approval Process:

Your account will undergo a careful review, and you can expect approval within 2 business days. CloudERP360 may also reach out to you for verification through a phone call.

What should I do if my CloudERP360 account is rejected?

If your CloudERP360 account faces rejection, reach out to our helpline and inform us about the account rejection. Our support team will request certain details regarding your business and the registered email associated with the rejected account. After a careful review of the provided information, your account will be approved. In the event that you fail to provide the requested information, unfortunately, your account will be rejected.

Additionally, it’s important to note that once an account is rejected for any reason, users are unable to edit the information directly. If you need to correct any details on a rejected account, please call our helpline for assistance.

Knowing why your CloudERP360 account got rejected helps you fix it. By providing complete business info, using the right contact details, and avoiding fake information, you can increase your chances of getting approved. This ensures a secure and reliable experience with CloudERP360.

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